Photography, Utah County

About Us

We started out taking photos from a digital camera at a young age but didn't have a passion for photography till we were in our young teenage years. Photo Beyond started out as young married couples, the wife being a photographer and the husband being the editor. Makes a really good team to get the job done. As it is hard now and days to get your own business going, everyone who is looking for a local photographer, first wants to see their work. But if you are starting out, how are you going to show work when you have none to show? So we started out with family members, taking couples, new borns, singles, etc.. Then lead to having great photographs to showcase our work. And then we had everyone, loving, and wanting us to proceed in taking their photos. As it is hard finding a cheap photography studio, we decided to offer great high quality free photos for first time clients. As we already know how hard it can be to find cheap, low priced photography in utah county. It makes us happy as well as our clients, and we are more then happy to fit their needs with being a photographer in utah.